Butterscotch Cake Filling

I have a recipe for a chocolate chip cake with butterscotch filling and ganache glaze that I love, and have been making for years. However, the butterscotch filling recipe is just horrible.

Despite searching the web for a *better* butterscotch cake filling recipe off and on for quite some time, I've never found anything that looks very appealing. I don't want a butterscotch pudding type filling. I'm looking for something similar to a caramel filling, only butterscotch, and of a consistency that will spread easily, set to a firmness that will be easy to slice, but not so loose it will ooze out and drip down the sides of the cake.

Also, I would rather the recipe NOT include "cheater" ingredients, such as butterscotch pudding mix, butterscotch chips, or one that uses all granulated white sugar (which would make it a caramel filling, not butterscotch, but I have seen recipes designated as "butterscotch" that use ONLY white sugar).

I'd love some recipes/suggestions!


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