Air travel with frozen soup in checked luggage?

Looking for advice here. I want to put a quart-sized plastic container of frozen, homemade Slovak sauerkraut soup (recipe a favorite from this site!) in my checked luggage for a four-hour flight. The soup is now frozen in one of those round Ziplock clear plastic containers with the easy twist-off blue lid.

I would enclose the container in a large Ziplock bag, fully sealed. Should I slightly release the tension of the blue lid prior to putting the whole thing in the large plastic bag? Or leave the blue seal tight? Or not attempt this at all?

Obviously, I really want to bring this to my hosts, or I wouldn't be thinking of it at all. I also plan to bring frozen pierogies, but I'm not worried about exploding dumplings as much as the idea of porky sauerkraut all over my clothes and luggage.

Also, are there any known airline bans on packing food like this? I don't travel a lot. Cook much, yes. Fly, no.

Would love advice! Thank you.


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