Where are my Asian Jews?

Hey SE'rs,

I'm looking for some inspiration/ideas/recipe for this upcoming Passover Seder. This is my first Seder that I am hosting myself. My mom always does the standard Passover meal from A to Z. This year,I was thinking of changing it up on everyone by surprising them with a kickass asian passover meal.

Some of the ideas I had were along the lines of:

Gefitle Fish and julienned carrot Sushi Rolls garnished with a purple horseradish sauce.

Grilled Skewered mini matzah balls with some dipping sauce

Sweet and Sour cubed brisket,stir fried szechuan style served over stir fried egg noodles

Any other ideas would be much appreciated. I should note,we eat sephardic style,so rice,corn,etc. are all kosher in our seder.

Also,I don't want to be in the kitchen while guests are over,so anything that can sit in a warming tray would be ideal.



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