WFO Dream Job--I'm in mine finally, what's yours?

So, some of you long term SE/Slice folks know that I've been nagging my husband for quite some time to let me build a Wood Fired Oven in the back yard. Well, I'm now working at Ironwood Pizza, a WFO pizza restaurant and having a blast! It started out as a mobile business and now they have a brick and mortar location. It's kind of funny because I'm making pies with these young, tatooed, plaid flannel wearing guys and they seem to think I'm okay. Maybe a little food obsessed, but in a good way. Now, this may help or hurt my desire to have a WFO in the back yard. One thing I know for sure is that it won't help my flour addiction. We got back from Hawaii yesterday and first thing I did was make a batch of bread dough and a batch of pizza dough. This morning I went to the Amish market and came back with 70 lbs of occident flour and another 35 lbs. in various other flours. So, just wanted to let you all know that I've got my dream job going. But I'm also curious, what would be your dream job, and if you had it, would it help with your food passions? Or would it ignite and inflame them even more?


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