Show me your Leberkäse

I just finished volunteering at my hometown's local cultural festival at the German Pavilion again and it was fun as always. This year, the Chef prepared Leberkäse [Fleischkäse in Saarland, Switzerland and the Tyrol] and I forgot how much I enjoy it pan-seared with some traditional hot mustard. Especially on a hot roll with kraut.

Funny: the word literally translates to "Liver Cheese" however, it doesn't contain either of those ingredients. Kind-of a flavourful bologna loaf, I'd say

Anyway: Instead of hitting up my local German butcher I thought maybe I'd try and make some myself. The thing is: while I know there isn't' liver or cheese in it I have no idea what's in it. Or (for that matter) how the heck to get the meat to this texture? Anyone have a family recipe? Or ideas?

Danke Schön!


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