Please Reminisce about Birthday Cake

Hey Serious Eaters, my birthday is months away, but I've already started obsessing about the cake because I finally found whole wheat pastry flour, a key and (around these parts) rare ingredient in the vegan chocolate-hazelnut mousse cake I eat every year. This cake is so moist and light that my spouse and I eat it for breakfast the entire week of my birthday. It includes agar agar, arrowroot powder, and kudzu and may I just say it is the best cake in the world. Thank you Voloptuous Vegan Cookbook author, Myra Kornfeld.

When I was a kid, my birthday cake every year was a chocolate cake layered with strawberries and bananas and slathered in a chocolate whipped cream frosting. That was awesome too.

How about you? Do you guys make Serious birthday cake for your birthdays? Buy ice cream cake? Any fond birthday cake memories? Has someone ruined your birthday with bad birthday cake? Let us know all about it.


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