Ideas for frozen roasted pepper sauce?

We're wintering at a cousin's who had a bumper crop of sweet peppers this year, small and colorful and plentiful.

In late November we had to do SOMETHING with the tons left (Washington state, so that's very late), so we roasted them in the oven; mixed half with some oven-roasted garlic; added salt, pepper, olive oil, a dash of balsamic in all), hit it briefly with a hand blender and froze it. It's not pretty because it is a mix of green/red/yellow/orange roasted peppers, but it's damn tasty.

It's been sitting in the freezer ever since.

Any ideas on what to do with this stuff? It was really delicious, especially the version with roasted garlic. I just feel like I should use some of this before we return in six weeks to snowy off-grid Idaho.

I make tons of homemade pasta, with a Marcato, with an extruder, and hand-formed, so if something requires that, it's not an issue. (Pasta isn't a requirement, just something I'm good at. *shrug*)



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