Fabulous Vegetarian Restaurant in Chicago? separately: dim sum?

Part I: Any thoughts on a wonderful vegetarian (or vegan) restaurant my husband and I can hit up during our mini culinary vacation next month? We're looking for something around $100 for two (food/tax/tip, not necessarily drinks) but that's fairly flexible.

Places like Victory's Banner and Soul Veg are not what we have in mind (never mind they're obviously way below our price point). Something like Zen Palate in NYC might hit the spot. Is there such a thing? I'd love a place that focuses more on the inherent goodness of veggie foods and doesn't have seitan (which we both dislike) or another meat replacement in every other dish - Chicago Diner is a good example of exactly what I'm not looking for. A spot that's not actually veg but has a very respectable vegetarian menu is also fine; for what it's worth, we're not actually veg*n. In my dreams we'd get something like a pared down version of Kenji's sneaky vegan feast last year.

No dietary or cuisine restrictions - we'll pretty much eat anything. In the city is preferred, but anything accessible by L is fine.

Part II: We'd also like to have a lovely dim sum brunch. I'm a fan of the Phoenix but would love to try something new. I do not care for the original 3 Happiness. I've seen some people recommend Ming Hin in fairly old threads. Do those recommendations still hold? For what it's worth, we'll almost certainly be getting dim sum on a weekday. I prefer Chinatown to the Argyle area.


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