Easy Valentines Chocolate Bark

Impress your significant other with this very easy and fun recipe. This link will lead you to an amazing howto video to create this lovely dessert. In the description section of the video contains the recipe and some other links to fun recipes. Valentines Chocolate Bark VIDEO LINK

Total Time:  30 Minutes Active Time:  5 Minutes Number Serves:  Depends on how much you eat yourself :D Equipment:  Spatula, Bowl, and Silpat (or Parchment)


1.5 Cups Dark Chocolate Chips
2 Cups White Chocolate Chips
Sprinkles, To Garnish
M&Ms, To Garnish
Red Food Coloring


1. Melt Dark Chocolate & Spread Onto Silpat. Set.
2. Melt Half of the White Chocolate & Spread On Top of Dark Chocolate. Set.
3. Melt the Other Half & add Red Food Coloring. Spread on top to make the third layer and Top with Sprinkles and M&MS.
4. Set and Enjoy. :D


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