knives and honing steels

So Mr Ecca can take a hint and bought me the lovely, swoonworthy Shun chef's knife I've been coveting for Christmas. He said there wasn't anything in the jewelry store that he liked (but how hard are diamond solitaire earrings, but I digress) I'm beyond thrilled and sporting my first flesh wound from it too from trying to keep the kid out of the garbage and follow a football game while chopping happily.

Here's my question: He also gave me the Shun honing steel, cause he was told my existing (wustof though he didn't know the brand) steel wouldn't work with this knife due to the different metals, etc. My question is: is this true, do I need a separate type of honing steel for this knife or was he taken for a ride by the sales person? Google was very vague, so I'm hoping someone might have some inside info. This is a big ticket knife (but cheaper than those diamonds;)) so I really don't want to ruin it. But otherwise I have the gift receipt and some store credit potential that I don't want to go to waste either.

Serious Eaters, Please help me with my dream knife problem! (for the record, I also have the same brand slicing/carving knife I found on killer clearance from Williams somoma a while back so it wouldn't be my only Shun knife using said steel)


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