How to make tom kha gai like the restaurant?

When you go to the restaurant you get tom kha gai that is flavorful and has a nice funk - it can be a bit brown, and have some tasty red oil on top of the soup. But at home when I make it, it tastes too "clean" - bright flavors of coconut and lime and herbs, but no funk.

I have to use ginger instead of galangal and no kaffir lime, but I don't think that's it - it tastes plenty herbal. I'm not shy with the fish sauce either but that still doesn't give the depth of flavor I want.

Is there a step I'm missing, or perhaps something missing that I can shop for at the asian market or on amazon? I'm thinking there's at least an ingredient missing because I don't really have any fat in the soup and the good stuff definitely has a bit.

In the end I want more of this and less of this. Thoughts appreciated!


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