Honeywheat donuts: what's the secret to the flavor? Any recipes?

I love honeywheat donuts, the name of which makes no sense (see below) and leads to the fact that they are relatively difficult to find; if more people tasted them, I'm sure they'd be more common.

I have never found a recipe for them anywhere, it seems to be a closely guarded secret of commercial donut makers.

For those who are not familiar, a honeywheat donut, at least in Southern California, means a cake donut that is more tender than regular cake, usually with a crispy crust that is "crustier" than the crust on a buttermilk, and which taste of some kind of spices, though I am not sure if it's just nutmeg or if it's cinnamon as well.

They are, for those who love cake/buttermilk donuts, the ultimate donut. The flavor is excellent and the texture is perfect. (If you live in LA, a good place to try an excellent example is at Bob's donuts in the Farmer's Market on Fairfax/3rd)

So, anyone have a recipe or know anything about them at all?

(And I think the name is terrible because it in no way conveys the real taste experience of the donut...there is no honey flavor, and if there is whole wheat, it's only a little. They should be called spicecake or something similar.)


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