Roasted Pork Loin

For Christmas I'll be cooking roasted pork loin, bone-in, following Mark Bittman's recipe found here. I won't be roasting potatoes with it, so it's just the meat. Now the recipe says to cook the pork at a constant temperature of 325. Then once it's ready to take it out to rest, crank the oven up to cook the potatoes.

When I placed my order for the pork at the Fresh Market, the butcher said he cooks the pork at low heat, then towards the end of cooking (not sure what temp the pork would be at) crank the oven up so you get a nice crust.

I like the idea of a nice crust. I'll just have salt & pepper, thyme and sage on it. But now I'm confused and not sure how best to cook the pork. Should I follow Mark's recipe or is there a better way? Easier? And should I take it out when it hits 145 degrees or between 140-145? (Should I make little tin-foil caps for the end bones so they don't burn?)

The size is just a rack, enough for the 4 people eating it with just a little leftover.

Thank you!


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