Momofuku ramen broth: Some discrepancies on line

Various blogs, trying to provide a recipe for Momofuku ramen broth, seem to have some meaningful variations from the TV noodles show on Mind of a Chef with David Chang. The show adds kombu, mushrooms, meat, and vegetables in a certain sequence and for certain timings which, sort of, follow how I have always made stock (50 years). Basically, you cook the meat and vegetable components for a long time and throw them away because there is no flavor remaining as all flavor is now in the stock. But, on various blogs (I know, I know, not even close to experts), we see variations which are, apparently, quotes from the Momofuku cookbook which deviate greatly from the TV show. Cook the chicken for an hour and save the meat? Put the vegetables in for only an hour at the end? The show, with presumably footage from the restaurant, says cook it all (after the kombu and mushrooms) for 12 hrs plus and, I guess, throw meat and veg out....which seems like the correct way to make a stock.

So, if you have the cookbook, and have saved the TV show, any ideas on these two diversions on Momofuku ramen broth?


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