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I am certain that, like me, there are many Serious Eaters who either spend a lot of time or live outside the States. I'm interested to hear what the traditional Christmas dinner where you live looks like. Okay, if your bound in the States but still practice the "old world" Christmas dinner traditions of your forefathers, you're included too. Name the place and share the menu. My second home is in the Czech Republic. Every family spends weeks preparing tons of delicate little cookies to share with guests and nibble on throughout the season. They make a braided sweet bread with almonds and raisins and whip up a homemade brew akin to our eggnog. For Christmas dinner it is breaded, fried carp steaks carved from a fish that has spent a couple of days swimming in the bathtub.The starter is a soup made from the fish's head and scraps that weren't carved into steaks. The side dish of note is a mayonnaise based potato salad. The non-fish lovers will eat a breaded pork steak with their potato salad and or a fried white, wine sausage that is curled into a tight coil. So, what about the rest of you expats?


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