Help Planning Christmas Eve Dinner

I need to cook Christmas Eve dinner for my family, but I am having a terrible time finding an easy meal that everyone will eat. My sister is a picky eater, and the food she eats tend to be simple classics like mac and cheese, filet minon, chicken noodle soup, etc... but I am a vegan. To further complicate matters, my mother has finally reached her happy weight and is working hard to maintain her figure through the holidays, so I want to make something healthy and low in calories (especially since she will be eating Christmas dinner the next day). Does anyone have any suggestions for food? My sister will not eat anything spicy and does not like any curry type dishes (no Ethiopian or India style food). As a further problem, my brother-in-law eats anything, except mushrooms and cheese (or cheese substitutes). The meal really does need to be quick to prepare because I will have very little time in the kitchen (my mother throws me out whenever she preps for Christmas)! I am leaning towards just making two meals, but I worry I will run out of time. Any help would be much appreciated!


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