Fried Chicken troubleshooting - help please

I spent the past 48 hours lovingly going through all the steps to make buttermilk soaked fried chicken. I pulled from many recipes on SE. However, during frying, a lot of the crispy coating fell off and disintegrated. I don't know where I went wrong. Here's what I did;

1. Soaked chicken wings overnight in buttermilk, garlic cloves, onion slices and spices bath 2. put wings on rack and dried overnight in the fridge 3. brought the (now dry-ish) wings to room temperature 4. heated canola oil in large skillet 5. Dunked each wing in the buttermilk mixture and then straight into a flour/seasoning mix 6. Shook of loose flour and straight into pan 7. Turned over wing once golden on the bottom 8. Removed to sit on wire rack

The crumb coating started to flake and fall off early on in the frying process, before even the turning stage. So the problem must be with one or both of the pre-frying stages or mixes.

Should I be using an egg coating before the flour?

Should the wings sit in the flour for a while before frying?

Any advice much appreciated!

Thanks, Alicia


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