florentine cookies??

Absolutely my favorite on a tray of Italian cookies... and not ashamed that I'll eat quite a few.

So decided to make them as part of holiday goodie baskets. Had no recipe so did a little googling... Giada's recipe was recommended.

Dry stuff... finely ground almonds and zest of an orange, 3 TABLESPOONS of flour... amybe something else.

In sauce pan, sugar, 2 T each light corn syrup and heavy cream. Simmered for a minute or so to make sure sugar is dissolved... then some vanilla.. and sits till it can be "handled"??

Mixed into dry stuff and let cook. Recipe says scoop and "shape" into balls... unless something miraculous happens, this stuff is NOT gonna be shaped??

So went looking to see if I had a bad recipe and everything I found was pretty similar?? I know they'll spread out when baked... just hoping they're not a total FAIL??

Have ya ever made these cookies?


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