First time in Chicago (Michigan Ave) - what can't I miss?

I'm a college student who will be traveling to Chicago from Sunday to Monday (the 8th and the 9th) to visit the French consulate in order to obtain my visa. Although we are only staying for about 24 hours, I want to "eat my way" through the visit, as it were.

I'm not sure where we'll be staying yet, but the Consulate is on Michigan Ave. While I've read the guides on here, I was wondering if anyone had some budget-minded suggestions. I'm willing to spend "big" (for me, $30/person or so) for one meal, but for the rest I'd like to keep within my usual means (at most, $15/person).

Pizza is obviously something I'd like to explore. I don't have any real stipulations other than not quite being 21 yet, so I can't drink. So, any suggestions?


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