Christmas Gift Buying Help

I had a gift in mind for my Mom's Husband, but I asked my Mom and they don't really need the gift I had in mind. They live in Hawaii.

So, I thought there's no cheese shops out there or places to get Italian Meats.

So, I need your help finding a gift:

1st idea - I saw a show on Food Network years ago. Some dude made sausages.. he had about 30 kinds. I had visited his website, but it's been years. Some unique flavors. I can't find the website or one with a lot of interesting flavors.

2nd idea - A cheese grating device.. electric? hand crank? not one of those old school washboard looking devices.. maybe they could get some different italian cheeses and freshly grate them? Not sure how often they'd use it. Is there a good one someone recommends?

.. if someone else has some ideas throw them my way. I was thinking maybe a Cremilini meat sampler also. He's from New York originally and Italian so think along those lines.

I was going to get some Walter's Mustard and a shirt, because he grew up in Mamaroneck, NY, the same town as Walter's, but I'm not so sure about them. They have an order form on their website you have to send in. Who doesn't have online ordering these days? Their phone never answers. It says $9 shipping.. really? Even if I order 5 jars of mustard and two t-shirts and to Hawaii? No faster shipping methods offered?


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