Biggest dining-out letdown?

I don't get to dine out as much as I'd like, but try to explore new places when I can. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Paseo in Seattle for the first time. It is a mega-popular place that specializes in Cuban sandwiches and other Caribbean foods. Many sites (including SE, I think) have billed their sandwiches as among the best in Seattle, if not the northwest. I was so excited to finally try it, and my friend and I ordered their Caribbean Roast and Paseo Press (two of their most popular items). While I can understand why Paseo is so popular - the pork was definitely succulent - it didn't blow me away. Don't get me wrong - the sandwiches were tasty, and I'm glad for the experience. I guess I let myself get caught up in the hype, and was expecting a truly transcendent sandwich. In the end, even though it was a good meal, I felt let-down (and then felt guilty for feeling let down). Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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