Your Typical Brunch

While I was growing up in Northern Illinois, Sunday brunch at home was always nova and bagels, cream cheese, Muenster cheese, tomatoes, red onions, whitefish. If we went out to a restaurant, we patronized places with fantastic gourmet pancakes (stuffed German apple? chocolate chips with whipped cream? buckwheat cornmeal with blueberries? 20 silver dollars?), like Walker Bros. or the local country kitchen .

When we lived in Berkeley, California, brunch in tended to take the form of French toast with (veggie) bacon and chai. Brunch out was usually either blintzes with blueberry sauce, homebaked muffins, or a plate of fresh corn tortillas with pinto beans, Mexican rice and pico de gallo.

Now that I live in Durham, NC, everyone serves some sort of French-inspired southern brunch with cocktails. Egg dishes with a side of lightly-dressed salad seem de rigeur, but you can always choose shrimp n' grits, pain perdue, or beignets, etc. with bloody marys or mimosas.

What sort of brunch is typical for your area? And what sort is typical for your home?


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