Weight loss recipes and techniques much appreciated

My boyfriend has been advised to lose at least twenty pounds in the next 3 months in order to be a good candidate for ankle replacement surgery he very much needs. It's important we take it seriously as failure of surgery could result in amputation( WRAnh WRAah says Debbie Downer). He is a big guy so there is some leeway with calories (I'm thinking starting with 2000/day). I am the main "chef" of the house and while we don't have tons of funds I do have a lot of time I can devote to preparation and cooking. I have a crock pot, oven, stove, NuWave, microwave, and good kitchen tools.

There are some great ideas on this site already. I love the suggestions this community provides. I'm thinking marinades, vegetable recipes, soups, low-calorie homemade salad dressing, healthy sweet treats, anything really will be useful. Insights and inspiration on how to go about tasty and satisfying weight loss will warm my cockles. Thanks SE folks. :0)


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