The Picky Eater

Everyone knows a picky eater, whether it be your toddler, who isn't as adventurous with vegetables compared to, I don't know, nuggets, and there are those incredibly huge meat lovers who "don't have" an acquired taste for anything green or anything vegetable, like, *cough cough!*, my cousin. He doesn't eat veggies at all, and he's fifteen. I asked him why and he says they taste bitter. I'm pretty worried about him considering he isn't getting a lot of the nutrition and vitamins you would in veggies, compared to huge amounts of protein and iron in meats. I mean, it may not affect him now, but later when he's in his fifties or maybe even forties, things will start to kick in. Must have a balanced diet, right? Anyway, any good recipes that sort of hide the fact that it's a vegetable or any techniques that could make him a devote omnivore? Not just a carnivore? It's going to be hard, but it's worth a lot of tries.


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