Smoke control in 550F oven?

Food Lab prime rib recipe for Thanksgiving, together with a simple horseradish/sour cream/buttermilk sauce. Just completely awesome. 170 F until 120 F (I actually put a probe in, made a little chart, and projected a finish time), then out and tented, back in at 550 F until seared. Really nice mahogany sear.

One problem. No fat renders at 170 F; at 550 F, a LOT rendered, hit the pan I had underneath, and smoked a LOT. (I was at a house with no V-roaster so I just put it on the top rack with a sheet pan under.) When I opened the oven to retrieve the thing, it got even way worse, yada yada, smoke alarm going off in the whole building for 1/2 hour.

Anyone have solutions for this? I thought about putting water in the pan but I'm afraid it would start to flash and cool the oven and/or moisten my crust. Thanks in advance for any tips!


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