Pete Wells vs. Guy Fieri vs. The World

We're all reading about the aftermath of Pete Wells' review of Guy's American Kitchen and Bar. Here's my personal chronology with the story:

I read Pete's review (full disclosure: I am a friend of Pete's and he has edited me in the past) Wednesday morning. I laughed out loud a lot and showed it to my wife. Then I re-read Carey's review on Serious Eats and realized that she said many of the same things, but in a less harsh context. And then today I saw Guy's defense on the Today show, which boils down to, "I stand behind the food, it just needs more time."

Here's what we seem to be able to agree on: lots of people, from Yelpers to Carey Jones to Pete Wells, agree that the food is awful at the restaurant.

The way I see it, there are two possible conclusions to draw:

Either Guy Fieri doesn't know that to be the case, which is a pretty serious indictment in and of itself. Or he does know it and thinks it doesn't matter to to his fans.

Thoughts, Serious Eaters?


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