kitchen collections?

I have a LOT of PIG-related stuff in mine... 6 cookie jars that live on top of fridge (empty), lots of pig "linens" (towels, pot holders, etc.), probably easily 25 pig things.

Have growing collection of "vintage" tea balls and don't even drink tea that often?!? If I see one (yard sale or thrift store), they're usually pennies. Best one I have is an acorn shaped on that a spent a "fortune" on... $5 at flea market, but STERLING silver.

Have several molds hanging on wall.. like fish theme, some copper and NOT ones purely meant for decor. A few German-made bundt pans... that are more non-stick than non-stick ones.

Collection os cast iron is always open for additions! Every piece was a yard sale or thrift store find... pretty much dirt cheap. Would LOVE to find pop-over and loaf pans.

What's in your kitchen collections?


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