Hardest Kitchenware to Clean?

Today I was scrubbing out the steel muffin tins after running them through the dishwasher twice, and after about a half hour of hot water, soap, a Dobie pad, and a lot of grunting, they were still dirty. I swore never to cook muffins again, which ironically barely take 30 minutes to mix and bake.

Then the bread machine, which I ONLY use for the dough cycle, got sticky dough and flour all over it. I had to remove the lid and soak it in the sink before cleaning all the tiny crevices in the main body. The rice machine, after I cook tapioca pudding or oatmeal in it, requires smaller fingers than I posses. And I can't soak either machine in the sink, for obvious reasons.

My particular oven is so hard to clean that if I accidentally make a mess once or twice a year, I will pay someone else to clean it! I mean I set aside cash for, ahem, spring cleaning.

I can't even tell when the black iron burners on top of the stove are dirty.

I absolutely refuse to use a garlic press at this point.

What are your worst kitchen items to clean?


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