Freezer after Sandy: to toss, or not to toss?

So, following the superstorm, my apartment lost power for four days straight, a little over 100 hours by my estimation.

My freezer was pretty much packed to the gillls, and I've thrown out everything in it, pretty much, figuring this is about enough time for everything in it to melt and spoil. But there are three items I can't bear to throw out and I think, possibly, maybe, not likely but almost might be alright:

1) Roasted hatch chiles a friend brought from Albuquerque and I stashed in the freezer, frozen in a plastic pint container

2) Tomatoes I roasted with olive oil and froze this summer, also frozen in a plastic pint container

3) Some ramp compound butter I made this spring, frozen in ice cube size chunks

Any possibility any of these are okay to keep? All signs point to no, but I'm not 100% sure and really really really don't want to toss this stuff.


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