Food-related Movie Moments

I was watching 'Goodfellas' the other night (for probably the millionth time), I always laugh at the scene where Paulie is slicing the garlic with a razor blade, then you hear one of the guys say "Don't put too many onions in the sauce!" And the scene where Ray Liotta is running around doing stuff while the sauce is on the stove and the whole family has to take turns watching it and stirring (my family is the same, especially on Christmas). Then I thought about other movies and TV shows with food scenes: 'Pulp Fiction' - the $5 milkshake. 'Breakfast Club' - pretty much the whole lunch scene, but especially when Ally Sheedy is making her sandwich and tosses the bologna. 'Seinfeld' - The "Soup Nazi", "The Big Salad", the "Pie" episode. And of course, 'When Harry Met Sally' - the "I'll have what she's having" scene. What are you're favorite food moments in movies or TV shows?


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