Dreading a Thanksgiving Dish?

I know, T-Day is so exciting!...Except for that one dish causing you anxiety. Maybe you have to cook it. Maybe someone else, who cooks it, expects you to eat it and like it. Maybe you really want to cook it for the first time, but it seems head-bangingly difficult. Which dish is it, and why?

I invited my mother to spend Thanksgiving with me and the spouse and spawn. She accepted, then TOLD me she was going to cook the whole thing. I haven't eaten this meal at her place since high school pretty much because how much I don't enjoy the way she cooks it. She says she's only going to make a "few dishes," but now I am dreading her over-salted, mushy stuffing, her dry, flavorless turkey, and her mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows melted disgustingly on top. Basically I am dreading the whole thing so I guess I am going to ask her if the spouse and I could please cook some of it pretty please?

The dish I fear most is the sweet potatoes with marshmallows.


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