Beyond the Turduckhen

Hi guys. I am a loyal follower of the Sporkful and the created of the podcast just did this video for a Cooking Channel web series.

They came up with the concept of a 'Vegiducken'...basically a bunch of vegetables stuffed inside one another.

I am not vegetarian, but I thought this idea sounded AWESOME!...and now I have been thinking...What other types of holiday foods can all be stuffed inside one another to make a tasty dish?

I was thinking of making personal 'all-in-one' meals to give each guest at my next holiday dinner (this would prevent people from fighting over the 'best' side or the 'good' pieces of turkey and would make serving easier)... Would chunks of turkey, stuffed in a sweet potato, which is then stuffed in a small squash and covered in a mix of gravy and cranberries be tasty...or nasty?

Can anyone else thing of some clever holiday foods to stuff inside one-another?

Thanks for any advice or words of wisdom.


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