Bad Bar?

First post on serious eats!

So let me tell you a story about something that happened to me, and please tell me if I'm the crazy one, or if this really was the bar.

So I walk into a local bar for the first time, has something of a reputation as a redneck bar- but I wasn't looking for anything too complicated, just hanging out with some people from work.

It all starts to go wrong when I order a "Johnny Walker Black, neat." I figured I'd start of simple with an old friend. I get a few looks and the server, though seeming to understand my order, repeats it to confirm. I give a hesitant yes, and she's on her way to the bar.

It comes back to me in a shot glass. Now, I'm not well versed in the ways of bars, but last I checked, "neat" means in an old fashioned glass. But whatever, I smile and sip bravely on. I try ordering a vodka gimlet, and get a blank stare. A Tom Collins may as well be some guy sitting behind us. I settle on a shot of Wild Turkey.

Here's what throws me off- a white Russian? Yep! And made correctly. Everyone at the table has Long Island Ice Teas and Jagerbombs and various cocktails. But here I am in a different country and I don't speak the language apparently. Now I haven't been to a bar a few years- am I out of touch, or was this just a bad bar?

Feel free to tell your bad bar story either way.


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