2012 went by incredibly fast- for better or for worse!

Is it too early to be posting end-of-year themed stuff? I just cant help but think we have only a few weeks left for this year to end...and with that said... what made your tastebuds jump with joy or drown with sorrow in 2012?

For me, on the top of my mind I'd say:

GREAT: -Awesome champagne cocktails I've stumbled across (ginger+lychee OR saffron+cardamom) - Creative/gourmet arancini balls - Rise of Korean food (I find this interesting to observe) - More great pizza - Sweet potato fries - Restaurants presenting food on dishes in flat patterns vs the increasingly boring skyscraper/vertical stacking. - Kale, just as not as crazy as in 2011. -Gourmet flavoured marshmallows - Speakeasies

NOT SO GREAT: -Cupcakes. I cant wait for the cupcake tyranny to end. And cake pops too. -The cucumber trend at bars. Too many alcoholic beverages with cucumbers in them. -Candy corn everything. Dunno if it's just me, but the last few months too much candy corn flavoured candies/chocolates. -Too many mono-themed eateries (ex: places that sell just meatballs or grilled cheese sandwiches or risotto, etc) - Speakeasies


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