Using fresh mozzarella in home oven

Does anyone out there have any tips for using fresh mozzarella (as opposed to shredded) on a pizza baked in a home oven for 5-7 minutes on the Baking Steel? I have tried a couple of times now, and I am getting quite a bit of moisture from the fresh cheese. I read that I should slice the cheese thin and early, then place it in the fridge wrapped in paper towels to remove some of the moisture, but that didn't seem to do anything. The cheese still melted very moist, and the paper towels didn't seem to have any moisture in them. The cheese that I purchased was fresh made in my local grocery, but wasn't stored in liquid. What about putting the cheese in the freezer for a bit prior to baking? Would that ruin it? Or should I just pass on using fresh mozz in my home oven (maxing out at 500 degrees)?


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