Raising a baby foodie

The other post about "finish you food and then..." got me thinking. I never say to my son (2 years old) "if you finish your veggies you can have a cookie". I don't want there to be rewards for eating veggies, and I don't want to have to use cookies as leverage.

He's a pretty good eater, but I'm always looking to improve my strategy. Anyone have good tips on getting a 2 year old to try new things, or how to react if he doesn't like anything at all on his plate?

So far he's pretty good about being coaxed into taking just one bite, and putting it aside if he doesn't like it. On the rare occasion that he won't eat any of the items on his plate, I hate giving in to fruit or cheese or whatever easy alternative there is, but I never want to force him to eat anything he doesn't want.


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