One week to eat lots of pizza in NYC, recommendations please!

So my wife and I are probably heading down to NYC from VT for a week-ish in January, and as an avid pizza fan I want to be sure to hit the most unmissable pizza places. Just to give some idea of my taste preferences, have been to East Village Motorino and that along with the now-defunct Antica Pizzeria in Marina Del Ray, CA are my favorite places (along with my own homemade Neopolitan style using Kenji's cold fermented dough). Was not a huge fan of Punch in MN and found Varasano's in ATL to be just OK. Paulie Gee's is probably #1 on my list. I am interested in Keste but concerned slightly because the owner of the new Neopolitan place here, Verita, which is just OK, was trained by the Keste pizzaiolo. (I realize this is probably a meaningless concern and am eager to be told how amazing Keste is.) OK, enough from me--have at it, and thanks in advance!


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