Lunch near Javits Center

Will be popping into NY this week for the day. I know that the Javits Center area is a relative foodie desert, but....

I've read the other threads on the topic, but my wants are a bit specific:

-- will be a grab-and-go sort of thing (so food trucks are fine). My time is limited, so I don't want a full sit-down meal.

--I'm not looking for the usual pizza/hotdog/Chinese takeout (i.e., beef with broccoli, Gen. Tso's Chicken). I'd rather skip lunch than just have the stuff you can get in a strip mall in the 'burbs.

-- no Italian, please; very much yes to spicy and "exotic."

I'm coming from Penn Station, so, time constraints in mind, I want to stay in that area between the two, to the extent that's possible. I was thinking maybe GoGoCurry.



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