Katsuobushi uses/recipes?

Hey all; so I bought a big bag of katsuobushi yesterday for my latest batch of dashi to freeze, and it got me wondering what other applications people have for it.

Besides the obvious use in dashi, one of my most frequent uses for the fish flakes is based on some dish I had in some restaurant somewhere; I pan fry some tofu in a small skillet, then dump in what's basically the mix for tamagoyaki (a couple eggs, mirin, soy sauce, salt) and throw it under the broiler until its just set, and top with katsuobushi.

Aside from that, I'll use it to top rice or congee sometimes, but no real cooking applications (as in using katsuobushi as an ingredient, not as a garnish). I was thinking about trying to use it in some recipes as an interesting replacement for pork floss.... until I remembered I don't have any recipes that utilize pork floss either. ^_^

Anybody else have some ideas that'll help me burn through the rest of this bag?


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