How can I make my pizza dough softer?

what are the factors that contribute to the softness of cooked pizza dough? my pizza looks and tastes good, but the dough is pretty tough.

here's the method i used for the dough

-measured the ingredients on a scale: (500g bread flour, 1 gram active dry yeast, 16 g salt, 350g water)

-mixed dry ingredients -added water -mixed dough together with my hands till it was all together in a ball -covered it and let it rise for 18 hours at approx 73 degrees -took it out, cut it into 4 portions -folded those portions into balls -wrapped them individually in plastic and put them in the fridge -3 days later, took them out of the fridge, put on a floured surface and covered with a damp cloth for 2 hours -shaped the dough, topped it -cooked in oven on lodge cast iron pizza pan which was preheated for 1 hour at 500 (my oven's max temperature). took about 8 minutes to cook


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