Groceries Delivered to your Front Door

Shopping for groceries is becoming convenient as customers are able to order their groceries online. Customers don't have to go up and down the aisles looking for groceries or interact with anyone. We constantly advertise "Groceries Delivered to your Front Door" but some people just don't pay attention to any of that...

I'm in the checkstand and I answer the phone that has been ringing constantly at customer service.

Me: This is your neighborhood grocery store, this is Paul, how may I help you?

Curbside Customer: I need 2 green bell peppers, small package of mixed green salad, small pumpkin, a gallon of 2% milk...

Me: Wait, what?

Curbside Customer: I said a gallon of 2% milk, the one with the blue cap...

Me: I'm sorry, I'm confused, what's this for?

Curbside Customer: Groceries, I'm not finished with my list, where was I?

Me: Sir, you can do that online. I can't take orders over the phone.

Curbside Customer: Of course you have! I've done it before, so gallon of 2% milk, family size Ruffles...

Me: Sir, I'm serious, we don't gather up your groceries and you come get them. If you order online, we can bring it to your door.

Curbside Customer: Gather my groceries? [saying it very slow] You get my groceries, when I honk, you bring my groceries to the curb, and I pay you.

Me: Sir, we don't do that. I have to go. Please go to our website and order there.


About 45 minutes later...



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