Dirt cheap franzia sangria

So heres my recipe for cheap sangria in a pinch. I found it quite satisfying at .60 cents/glass, i hope youll share your recipes as well! So, basically this is a 3 to one ratio of wine to juice, though you can alter it to your own taste. for the one part "juice" i used a 1:1 ratio of orange juice and sierra mist soda(any lime/lemon soda would work), plus several tablespoons of rasberry sherbert (flavor to taste, any stone fruit sherbert would work i suppose). mix that with the the wine up to 3 or 4 times the ratio (the sherberts overwhelming sweetness really makes it capable of being a VERY stiff drink) I used franzia burgendy, it doesnt get any cheaper than that. the stuff is definitely still quite strong, like drinking candy haha i hope you all will enjoy this sort of recipe with sherbert, and PLEASE do share any and all similar recipes and suggestions/criticisms. id love to hear them! :) CHEERS!

Active Time:  less than 5 minutes Number Serves:  10-20 Equipment:  pitcher


frania burgundy or other cheap red wine, citrus soda, orange juice, rasberry sherbert (or any stone fruit sherbert) an open mind :)


blend non-alcoholic ingredients to taste, then mix roughly 1:3 with a cheap red wine of your choice. sherbert is KEY in keeping the taste sweet and the a.b.v. high. one could push this up tp a 1:5 ratio of "juice" to wine with a sickenly seet sweet sherbert in the mix. its cheap, and easy to drink, i hope youll enjoy!


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