Ask an Alcoholic: What's your biggest bartender pet peeve?

After scanning through some of the (legitimate) responses to SE's "Ask a Bartender: Biggest Pet Peeves," and a stellar recommendation by a one Mr. Kuban, I thought it could be fun to talk as a community about what some bartenders do that bother us, and not muddy up the comments section of the article with our complaints (unless what you have to say is directly in response/rebuttal to something the bartender wrote, then it belongs over there, obviously)

Me? I don't like it when a bartender gives me a funny look when I order a Jim Beam double after sitting at the bar. I'm aware I'm in a hip establishment that panders to the recently-graduated-from-college-and-now-earning-more-money-than-they-know-what-to-do-with crowd, and you'd like to peddle me your finer wares, but a $6 dollar double is gonna go a lot farther than the $24 shot (really?? a shot?) of blue label you just poured to that asshole in the suit. Please just let me have my drink.

I also dislike the standard $1-tip-per-drink rule. When I go up and order 4 tall cans of PBR on sunday, and all you do is pop the top for me, I don't think it warrants the same tip range as you mixing up 4 custom cocktails. I mean, it's the service industry, and the amount of time and the quality of the work should have a bearing - so for table full of well made cocktails, I'd gladly tip a tenner, but think it's bull when I leave a two dollar tip after it took you 10 seconds to fetch and crack open my beers, and I get a dirty look for it.


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