Zucchini: To seed or not?

A debate has been raging amongst friends as to how to properly prep a zucchini for use when baking breads and muffins. In general, when a bread recipe calls for grated zucchini, I use the whole thing; skin, seeds and flesh. But at this time of year when we're getting some monster, mutant zucchinis from our garden, the seed-to-flesh ratio is leaning more towards seeds. So, what do you all recommend? Include the seeds as part of the total zucchini volume? If so, do you recommend draining the zucchini for any amount of time? Surprisingly, I haven't found any recipes that address this issue. Additionally, I find it amusing that most recipes call for one "grated" zucchini. I have some the size of pickles and others that could be used to bludgeon someone to death! I usually use medium-sized ones for recipes, and when writing recipes, I call for post-shredded weight (like 2 cups). Anyone have any advice? I'd like to spend Sunday using up my crop and your input would be greatly appreciated!


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