Weekend Cook and Tell: Drinks in Translation

Welcome to our Weekend Cook and Tell where each Wednesday we turn the pages of the food sections of various national newspapers in search of inspiration for a weekend cooking project. We hope you'll cook along with us and share your experiences, recipes, and photos here.

This week we had a sweet tooth that remained sweet even though we tried every kind of Pepperidge Farm cookie. What can we say, there is such a thing as over indulging and retaining the ability to continue eating said delicious item. It helps when it's buttery and crunchy.

Gary Regan, of The San Francisco Chronicle, had a favorite lemon-ginger cookie that as of late, he has been unable to find - anywhere. The solution? Create a cocktail that translates cookie flavor to beverage. The recipe for the Lemon-Ginger Cookie Cocktail got us thinking - what other drinks, alcoholic or not, could we create in honor of our favorite sweets or other favorite foods?

What beverages have you made that pay homage to a favorite bite? A cheesecake shake? Or perhaps a cocktail topped with black-bean soup that represents a Jamaican delight. Show us your creativity in translation by turning your favorite fare into the beverage of your choice. Hot, cold, on-the-rocks, shaken, stirred - all need apply.

Share your libation on Photograzing (make sure to include "Weekend Cook and Tell" in your submission title) and tell us about your recipes here! If you'd like to blog the experience, please leave a link in the comments below. You can now also pin your creation on your Pinterest board as well. Please use the hashtag, #cookandtell, and tag us, @Serious Eats in your pin's text.

We'll post a round-up of your beverage ideas, recipes, and experiences the following Wednesday, September 26th.

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