Strange Mustard Phenomenon

I ask this, because I don't seem to have this issue with any other condiment in my fridge; just the mustard. Any kind of mustard, too, so it isn't even limited to a particular brand or style.

Here's the situation: If I have the bottle (because I like to make sure that I get as much of it as possible) completely upside down, so that ideally the mustard will slide to the end where the opening is, it sticks to the butt of the bottle (which is now on top). However, if I tilt it at all, it slides right to the end, just like I want it to.

This doesn't happen with my ketchup, or any other condiment, though. Just the mustard. Does anyone else have this issue? Do you know why it happens? Where is Alton Brown to explain things when you need him...?

It's just the strangest thing!


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