Sous vide burgers ready, but "Not Tonight, Dear." Disaster?

As it turns out, no.

I took them out of the cooler, left them in their bags, put them in the fridge, said three "Hail Kenjis" and went to sleep.

Next day at lunch I opened the bags, wiped off grease and coagulated burger juice, salted them and put them on the oiled griddle on the gas BBQ.

Because they were cold I could let them stay a little longer than usual. Result: great crust, correct color, good burgers at a good temperature.

Note that I like my patties at 9 oz and Marty prefers 6 oz but both were just fine.

The only downside is that I thought they were a tad less juicy than usual. Sounds like a job for Burger Lab.

Kenjiburgers are not only better than what I used to make, they're now all but stress-free. You have to work at it to F*&^ them up.


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