Picky Eater Tricks up your sleeve?

So, it's happened. I've fallen for another picky eater. It's inevitable though--because I'm the "foodie" of the 2 every time. He's great; sweet and loves my cooking. We aren't complete opposites in mentality but we have a lot to learn from one-another.

His self-confessed "dislikes": - onions. I know. they're essential in everything. I've been "grating" onions into the food, sort-of "hiding" it and he hasn't seemed to notice

- "heated" spice. he doesn't like anything with a lot of heat. Not even BUFFALO WINGS.

- Cooked cabbage. No cabbage rolls, no cabbage soup, no sauerkraut; but I've fed him coleslaw and he seemed to like it.

- Raw tomato. DAMMIT no bruscetta, no tomato juice, and no tomatoes on burgers or sandwiches. the most heart breaking part about this is that I tend to purposely feed my boyfriends raw tomatoes often because it is good for their prostate

His admitted "faves": - His mom's lasagna. By the sounds of it, it's a very standard kind of lasagna with bolognaise. Nothing too fancy

- Pierogies. Potato cheddar ones

- Steak. At least he doesn't prefer it well done! *whew*

The Dilemma: I love to cook to impress. It's like, zen time. It's one of the best things I bring to a relationship. My ability to be creative and try new things in the kitchen is part of my "spice" to the relationship.
What kinds of foods would you experiment with when cooking for someone with this kind of taste? It doesn't seem like he's really closed-minded but it's just so important for me to make him smile with my food. Any advice? Similar stories?

Thanks guys, I know you're all experts :)


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