Ordering Extras

We went to a restuarant in WI Dells for pizza. We ended up ording a two topping pizza. Half was sausage & ham, half was pepperoni and mushroom. We also ordered extra sauce. We also ordered spaghetti. It was a little light on sauce so we asked for a little extra. No problem. When we got our bill they charged us for 4 toppings and 50 cents for the extra sauce on the pizza and extra cup they brought out. Now I understand that every restuarant has a right to price things the way they want. But I think we should have been told when we ordered that they were going to upcharge us for those things. So my question is overall, should pizza toppings be billed per topping or per 1/2 of pizza. They put the same amount of toppings on that they would have had we only ordered mushroom and pepperoni on the whole thing and only charged us for 2. Should extra sauce be an extra charge? And don't the diner's have a right to know if a special request is going to be charged extra?


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