Naturally fermented pickles

So, after fermenting my dill pickles for 12 days on my countertop in a salt brine, they're to my desired sourness and I'm ready to store them in the fridge.

The brine had been cloudy since a couple days into fermentation, and I understand that this is due to normal growth of lactobacilli. First question: is that right?

I noticed that a white film had formed on the surface of the brine just during the last couple days. My google research tells me this is normal, and it should be removed, but my pickles are fine. Second question: is this true?

To make sure that the pickles stay submerged in the brine after fermentation (during, I kept a ziplock bag full of water on top of them to keep them submerged) I added just a little water to the brine. Was this a mistake, or does the saltiness matter as much once fermentation is complete and the pickles are safely in the fridge? Should I put them in new brine to correct my error?

Thanks for your reassurance/advice!

For extra info, the pickles smell normal and are reasonably crispy.


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